Volvo S60: Love at First Sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight? If not, you might change your mind once you see the design and the responsive exterior features of the new 2019 Volvo S60 Luxury Sedan. Before you even slide behind the wheel, we at Northtown Volvo Cars Buffalo think you’ll be swept off your feet by its thoughtful features.

Picture this: Your arms are filled with packages, dry cleaning, and the all-important dinner at the end of a long day in Williamsville, NY. The challenge: get you and your packages tucked in without spilling the contents of your favorite sushi all over your expensive jacket. Don’t worry, because the Volvo S60 isn’t just another pretty face. No, getting into it is a beautiful experience when you can both open your door and start the engine automatically, just by having the remote in your pocket or purse. No shifting items, no struggling, and no laying packages all over the hood or roof as you hunt for your key.

But what’s even better than being able to open the door and start the car totally hands-free? Being able to slide your foot underneath the tailgate of the Volvo S60 to activate the trunk’s motion sensor so you can Tetris your packages without any head bumping. Test drive the Volvo S60 and see what we mean by love at first sight.

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