Volvo V90 Safety Features Volvo Added to Make Everyone Happy

Northtown Volvo Cars Buffalo has always believed that safety was a team effort. It requires good drivers, good information, good vehicles, and great automakers like Volvo that has introduced the V90. This model was made for safe driving, and you'll find out why.

Safety is Vital

Williamsville, NY is a fun place to drive in, but safety can always be improved, which is Volvo's motto. The following are a few ways it has done this with the V90:

Brake Lights

This vehicle comes with Emergency Brake Lights that are activated the moment you press down hard on your brakes. It makes your brakes flash rapidly, telling other drivers to watch out. This is a good way to keep you and others safe.

Blind Spot

BLIS is a blind spot system that warns you if there is a vehicle in your blind spot as you attempt to switch lanes. The indicator flashes in both mirrors to ensure you stop and make sure you are safe to switch lanes.

You are going to feel a lot safer taking a test drive in the Volvo V90 and even more so when you own it.

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