An Overview Of The Volvo S90 Inscription Trim

The Volvo S90 available at Northtown Volvo Cars Buffalo in Williamsville, NY is a luxury sedan that comes in several different trims. One of the trims is the Inscription trim. This trim level was created to give the already luxurious Volvo S90 an even more luxurious feel and appearance.

The interior of the Volvo S90 Inscription is pure luxury. The seats are all upholstered with Nappa leather. The interior is very roomy with an abundance of legroom sure to please even the tallest passengers. The dash of this vehicle is trimmed in fine walnut to enhance the interior elegance.

The Volvo S90 Inscription has added touches to make the exterior luxurious and appealing. Chrome accentuates much of this vehicle's exterior. The grille and the front logo are both chrome. The lower portions of the four doors are also trimmed in chrome. The two lower grilles are also chrome trimmed to make the Volvo S90 Inscription even more attractive.

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