The Volvo XC60: A Host of Safety Features

Volvo has a long-standing reputation for safety, and the new XC60 is no exception. Here, we'll briefly discuss some of the XC60's top safety features for drivers in Williamsville, NY.

The XC60's ABS system automatically senses when the tires stop rotating under heavy braking, and it modulates brake pressure accordingly, increasing turning ability during hard stops. Stability controls sense when the vehicle exceeds its handling limits, reducing engine power and applying the brakes to help the driver retain control.

Front and side impact airbags protect drivers and occupants during frontal and side collisions, while overhead airbags protect everyone during rollover accidents. Knee airbags protect the lower extremities, while seatbelt pre-tensioners tighten safety belts to put occupants in the right seating position during a crash. Finally, the XC60 is equipped with an ignition disabling device that prevents the engine from starting when the correct key isn't used. Check out the Volvo XC60 at Northtown Volvo Cars Buffalo today.

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