Winter Studded Tires

As we all know, the winter can get pretty dangerous in some states. It can be even more dangerous if you're out on the road without the proper vehicle equipment. Studded and studless tires have been made to help drivers commute safer.

Studded tires are tires that have metal studs inside the wheels to help gain friction by grasping to the snow or ice. These tires can be dangerous on the road when the weather is normal. That is why most people prefer studless tires. These tired are made to maintain flexibility in the cold weather. They also have deeper treads to help maintain friction on the snow. These tires are a lot less harmless to the roads because of its new design.

If you’re traveling through winter rough weather this year, come out to Northtown Volvo Cars Buffalo and we will help you choose which tires are the best fit for you.

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