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Tune Ups & Scheduled Maintenance in Williamsville, NY

Whether you're driving around East Aurora in a Volvo XC60 or you're cruising through Amherst, NY, in a Volvo C40 Recharge, you'll need to have routine maintenance and tune-ups performed regularly. The best way to ensure that your Volvo vehicle lasts for many driving miles is to have it routinely serviced by certified Volvo technicians. Here at Northtown Volvo Cars Buffalo, we have a service center that can keep your vehicle as new as possible.

Why Does My Volvo Vehicle Need a Tune-Up?

You may be wondering, what is a tune-up, and why does my car need one? Tune-ups are necessary routine services that your vehicle requires. As you drive, wear and tear occurs, however carefully you tend to go. After a specific number of miles, your vehicle will need to have suggested maintenance performed. Typically, a tune-up schedule would have tune-ups at the following intervals.

  • 3,000 Miles/3 Months
  • 7,500-Miles/7.5 Months
  • 15,000-Miles/15 Months
  • 30,000-Miles/30 Months
  • 40,000-Miles/45 Months
  • 60,000-Miles/60 Months
  • And so on!

At each interval, different maintenance items would be performed. These can range from brake repairs and oil changes to spark plug replacements, fluid changes, and tire rotations. We recommend looking at your Volvo car's owner manual to discover what the recommended scheduled maintenance routine is for your Volvo vehicle.

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If you have questions about your Volvo vehicle's service, we'd love to help however we can. Feel free to reach out to our Northtown Volvo Cars Buffalo service center or stop by our dealership today!

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