What are the Essentials for a Winter Survival Kit for Your Vehicle?

With the winter months making a quick comeback, you need to be prepared for the snow, ice, and wintry mixes that come your way, especially if you have to drive in it. Ideally, you would be able to stay safe and secure at home while weather conditions worsen. But, if you absolutely must drive in Williamsville, NY winters, you need a winter survival kit for your car.

Winter survival kits are DIY, so you can put all of the essentials in. What might you need? Flashlights, extra batteries, utility tools, and nonperishable snacks. That’s just for starters. You should also pack up extra blankets, winter boots, socks, and winter hats—just in case.

We at Northtown Volvo Cars Buffalo understand that prepping your vehicle for winter is of the utmost importance. Come down for a tune-up before the wintry weather hits. We could also give you info on must-haves for your survival kits.

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