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Affordable Used SUVs in Williamsville, NY

If you're trying to find a used vehicle in Buffalo, NY, you may want to consider buying an SUV. In an SUV, there is always plenty of space for passengers and cargo. If you're a Toyota or Honda fan, stop by Northtown Volvo Cars Buffalo, near Orchard Park. We sell great used SUVs by these brands and we are conveniently located on Main St in Williamsville, NY.

Toyota RAV4

Through the years, Toyota RAV4s have had very appealing architectural changes. If you buy any RAV4 that was manufactured in this decade, it will have these architectural elements. One of said architectural refinement is found near the wheelbase. If you compare a RAV4's wheelbase to the base on other vehicles, you'll quickly discover that the RAV4 has a wider layout. This is a huge benefit because the wide spacing between the rear and front track gives the RAV4 a higher level of stability.

Toyota Highlander

A pre-owned Toyota Highlander is built for a weekend getaway or a long road trip. Thanks to its expansive and practical cabin design, it's very easy to stay organized on the road. For example, above the doors in the cabin, there are several cargo hooks; they can hold and secure all of your essential items.

In a Highlander, there is always a way to make more room for cargo. For example, whenever extra space is needed for a group of boxes or bags, you could collapse every seat in the third row. When even more space is needed, you can fold down the seats in the second row as well.

Honda CR-V

If you need a well-rounded vehicle that has power, speed, and storage space, a Honda CR-V is worth considering. This SUV pulls power from a turbocharged engine, and it builds up speed from a nimble transmission. In terms of storage, the CR-V has folding seats and an adjustable cargo floor.

To learn more about our top used SUVs from these, and many other brands, schedule a test drive and visit Northtown Volvo Cars in Williamsville, NY today. We're proudly serving the East Amherst, NY area. Visit us today!